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Visor 4K

Product Specifications:
  • 4K micro OLED per eye
  • Lighter than a smartphone
  • 5+ Screens
  • 100° Field of view
  • Hand & eye tracking

  • 6 Degrees of freedom
  • Ultra widescreen
  • Offline Mode
  • Custom IPD, nose-insert, and light-blocker
  • HD Color Passthrough
  • Stems & strap attachments included
  • 3 hour extended battery included

    Model selection
    Color selection
    Silver stems: Included

    Midnight shield: Included

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    Founder's Edition - Visor 4K

    Product Specifications:
    Exclusive Founder's Edition Benefits:
    • Includes all Visor 4K features
    • Ships 6 months before the standard Visor 4K
    • Limited Edition model: 25,000 units
    • Lifetime subscription to Immersed Pro
    • Early access Visor demos in Austin, TX
    • Signature-colored front plate
    • Official seal for collectors
    • 3 hour extended battery included
    Model selection
    Color selection
    Black stems: Included

    Flare shield: Included

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    Chat with us at the Immersed Community!
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    Visor's Founding Story

    Visor Plus Membership

    Visor Plus is a membership program that gives Visor users significant benefits:

    • Visor offered at a substantially reduced upfront price
    • Curator Professional AI Assistant (Beta)
      • Private, Local, Secure
      • Initial beta focused on calendar, emails, tasks, messages, and meeting notes (all opt-in/out settings configurable for added privacy).
    • VIP Co-working spaces
      • Carefully crafted to facilitate global networking within your industry or job function.
    • Customizable 3D work spaces
    • Premium Environments
    • 4 collaborators (screen-sharing, whiteboarding, etc.)
    • Standard Warranty (while membership is active)
    • Discounts on Visor accessories
    • Priority trade-in program
      • When Visor 2 is announced in the coming years, undamaged Visor 1 devices can be traded in for a discounted price. This helps with customers’ concern that custom IPD Visors are more difficult to resell independently.

    7 Years of Iterating & 1.4 Millenia of User Feedback:
    Visor addresses the needs, not only of XR users, but also of non-XR users, ensuring that it is the ultimate tool for work, entertainment, and everything in between. Some of the key value propositions include:
    Monitor & TV Replacement
    Visor revolutionizes how you use screens, whether for work or for entertainment.
    Visor is made custom to you, based on your face scan (IPD, nose-insert, and light-blocker closest to your face’s shape).

    Visor comes with both strap and stem configurations in the box. Most non-VR users find stems more socially acceptable (to wear at the office, or at coffeeshops, etc.). The stems will be great for shorter sessions on the go and there is a strap included for users that use Visor for longer sessions.

    There will also be add-ons that will be announced in the future (ie., different straps, battery packs, and magnetic front plates).

    You may also tailor your virtual environment, workspace, screens, and resolutions to suit your unique preferences. Have up to 5 screens of any size.
    Although the Visor will come preloaded with Immersed’s application, Visor will not be locked down to prevent users’ desires to modify their experience. In order to expedite speed to market, the Visor won't have an App Store for developers, but users are welcome to modify Visor on their own for their desired use-cases.
    With a form factor lighter than a smartphone that fits in the palm of your hand, Visor is designed to go where you go.
    Ease of Use
    Get started in seconds with intuitive controls and seamless navigation leveraging 6DoF cameras, eye-tracking, and hand-tracking
    Productivity & Focus
    Immersed yourself in a world of efficiency with up to 5 screens and ergonomic design.
    Visor works seamlessly across Mac, PC, and Linux, ensuring a universal user experience.
    Wearability & Ergonomics
    Designed for all-day comfort, Visor is as wearable as it is functional. Gone are the days of big bulky headsets. The extended battery is attached via a wire that goes into the user’s pocket. This has a wifi module that allows the user to have a wireless connection to their computer for wireless use. This battery pack also has a USB-C port on the other end that can plug into the computer for a wired experience (higher resolution, lower latency) that also passively charges the battery. As soon as the user disconnects to become wireless again, it will seamlessly connect them via wifi.
    Connectedness & Collaboration
    Stay connected with colleagues and enhance collaboration through immersive technology.